Associations Registered

Proof of TICA registration

TICA - - We're registered. Our cats and cattery- Search under Kosmikcattery.

CFA - Due to their limits of letters.... We had to go with KOSMIKCATTS as our cattery name for CFA registration.

WCF - (This is a site is in Russian. Make sure you have a translator added to your browser. I apologize for not being registered with WCF * you can still find my cats from the breeders I got my cats from, as each breeder is registered with WCF* I'm working on the translation part and having enough time to actually fill out all the paperwork properly and send it back without any errors.

Top Cat - To find my profile all you need to do is search for Kosmos, I apologize I've not joined a Club yet or made one... I should make my own club...