Basic Husbandry Education


All knowledge is useful knowledge even if we dislike what is being given or how it's being given, our fears should never suppress us so heavily that we are unable to continue forward letting our fear to define who we are.

All basic education is completely free and kept up to date per new scientific discoveries and information.

We ask kindly that you please complete our free basic educational program before considering our "paid" advanced program as they will very greatly in educational information and content. For the paid program there is a fee that helps keep us going forward every day. We use this payment to research and discovering answers, problems, and more hopefully more answers. We hope you find our knowledge beneficial to your growth.

All advanced education is available for a one time fee of $1000.00 USD. These funds are strictly used to keep our websites educational content updated and functioning properly. All animal species included in this 1 time fee.

  • Advanced Genetics - Breakdown of every species of animal.

  • Advanced Medical care - Medication administration and Homeopathy explained "dosage and safety" Advanced Muscle, Bone, Joint & Tendon - Every species will have their own breakdown.

  • Advanced Disease and Virology - We will cover as much difference as humanly possible, what can and cannot transfer to humans and other species etc.

  • Advanced Organ, Blood and Nerves explained - Every species will have their own video.

  • Open forum chat to help bridge communication with other knowledge seeking minds, breeders, scientists. Some channels will be locked and kept private for mentors/mentees unless the knowledge will be beneficial to us all.

  • Lesson programs to help you retain and learn information more easily - Not all videos will require lesson programs, if at any point you feel we could "change, for the better" please contact any admin and let us know what you think we could change/do better.

  • Special Holiday event giveaways, secret Santa events with lots of fun animal or useful items.

Our advanced mentorship program is a separately paid program for $50 a month that offers 1 on 1 time with the mentor of your choice and favor of language that is a husbandry specialist that matches your species, this fee goes directly to your mentor for their unlimited time and knowledge.

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