FAQ & About KosmikCattery

General advice for buying a Maine Coon:

Avoid breeders that offer kittens at a very cheap price, example: kittens under $3000 (If you pay for cheap you get cheap). Under these prices are either scams or something is not quite right with the lines: "health issues are a serious concern when buying a Maine Coon, and a little research into the amount of scams and mills you will see what I mean" (Or any animal), vet costs add up and you can call around in your area and ask what vets charge per procedure and see why these prices are not right (you don't want a sick kitten) and it adds up really fast, and there's way too many "backyard breeders all over this world and the majority of them pretend to be the best". Anyone is more then welcome to contact my vet Dr. Amanda at the Heart and Soul vet clinic and request information about their facility and prices and procedures. You will understand my price very quickly!

Avoid breeders that don't do their testing VIA Blood and DNA and X-ray scans & heart echos. More sources and more information the better. (We provide go home packets that have a copy of YOUR kitten(s)/cat(s) genetic and blood work up full panel, DNA workups, X-ray and heart echo of that individual kitten) You never know how this information will provide useful to you in the future if something happens, as well as if a kitten is born with an issue we would see it before the baby went home and caused you and us a lot of stress and pain.

Avoid a breeder who will not disclose their Vet, or their location without giving you the runaround. Ours is Dr. Amanda at the Heart and Soul Vet clinic in West Bend WI (We are located also in Random lake, Wisconsin 53075).

Avoid breeders that sell kittens at 8-12 weeks as this is too young for a kitten to be taken from its mother, kittens are still learning lessons and habits during that time. If the kitten is released too early it can cause major psychological issues that can lead to big medical bills down the line. We do NOT release our kittens until 16 weeks (Sometimes longer depending on the needs and personality of the kitten). This gives us time to make sure they are growing well, healthy and it gives us a chance to see who we may want to keep for future litters and to make sure they have learned what is important.

Ask advice from a cat/breed club and/or other breeders on the veracity of the pedigree and breeder and from multiple sources (Pawpeds is an OPEN source for pedigrees as pedigrees are PUBLIC information). Look for previous buyers or hunt them down on facebook. Our link is found at the bottom of the page for quick access. And we have a testimonies page with previous buyers, people who gave real testimonies with their contact information attached... Not the weird ones you see "Jamie loves the cat she purchased... and it's like a paragraph long" without any links to that person or photos of proof.

Avoid a breeder that does not disclose ALL and ANY information pertaining to their King(s) and Queen(s) overall health as part of their kittens health guarantee for breeding. (We will NOT hide any information pertaining to our cats and we try our absolute BEST to give as much information we can on our cats as possible).

Avoid breeders who have more than 3 litters at the same time as providing multiple breeding rights from all the kittens and litters. It should be about controlled breeding practices and the health and safety of the breed and overpopulation control (HONESTY). We will not allow breeding rights from every kitten from every litter. If we have multiple litters, there may be only one Queens litter that has a single kitten available as a breeding kitten (if that and that's if we don't choose to keep it). All others are automatically spayed/neutered before they go home. We want to only select the best to push back into the gene pool to help control future issues. And as it stands now there are way too many animals in the shelters. Please do adopt! Save a life, get a friend for your baby or YOU!

Avoid breeders who do not take multiple pictures and videos, or refuses to take new ones for you PERSONALLY if and when requested. We will upload pictures/videos on our Youtube channel and facebook starting at time of birth, of course if I (kosmos) am not being 15 people doing 15 different jobs... I get distracted and forget, I'm very overworked!! BUT the future is bright and I must push on. The link to our youtube can be also found on the Plans page. I reply quickly on Facebook, text and phone calls.

Do you allow breeding rights?

We are not giving breeding rights at this time to those who are strangers. (Yes I do accept new students and those who are new to husbandry). When we do we will only offer the best cats available for breeding, as in what I would choose to keep for my own line. This will help control the gene pool and what cats are even allowed for breeding. I am a breeder that does NOT stand behind "all of the kittens from the litter can become breeders" I think only the BEST should be allowed to breed and everyone else is an automatic castration, they can still be in shows and take the titles and what not of course, but my goals are not dead set on just "showing off". The kittens I choose to breed are very selective and if I as a breeder personally wouldn't want to breed the kitten myself then I will definitely not pretend it's good enough for someone else, but that's just me. We are NOT offering stud services to anyone outside our own cattery (or mentor circle) at this time. We also do not offer our Queens to outside Kings at this time to anyone outside our cattery (or mentor circle). If you truly want breeding rights, I expect you to message me in full detail about your existence and try to become my friend and mentee(if you need one), I will always give anyone and everyone that chance. But we must REMAIN friends! There is a completely different contract for breeding rights that protects the future Queen/King and the one being placed in your care. We strive to make great changes for these creatures and humanity, and we can only do that by being the best we can be..

How do I place a deposit?

You must carefully read and then sign my contract. Only after we speak and you sign the contract will we accept your deposit on one of our kittens. No changes will be made to our contract to fit your wants or needs. This contract is to protect all parties involved (mostly) the kitten(s)/cats(s) and it is reflected well in the contract. The contract is legal and binding as we are located within America and we follow the rules and regulations as per our government and tax laws, as we are a registered LLC, "yay business".

What does your contract mean, as in, why would I want to sign this?

This contract is a promise to not only me but to yourself and the kitten/cat that you won't ever bring harm to them, and if you do I have the authority to save their life by legal means. To be specific, IF I FIND YOU ARE ABUSING THE BABIES I SPENT SO MUCH HARD WORK RAISING; Examples: Starving them, beating them, trimming them down so short they have cuts all over their bodies and blood(scabbing) is visible, declawing or surgically manipulating them in some way for fashion, giving them a chance to become infected or ill via malnourishment or horrible living conditions. Kept in a small cage or room with no real mobility/sunlight or space to move, obvious abuse and neglect. I will contact the ASPCA or proper authorities in your area to take the cat away from you. I will personally fly out to claim the cat from the authorities. That cat will then be in quarantine and under 24 hour vet care to make sure they survive, all at this time I will be taking you to court for animal abuse and breach of contract! You bet your boots I love my cats, and I will fight for their right to live a good life if I have to, but please do understand, I am far too busy keep constantly harassing you about your life, I will do my best to keep your contact information up to date once a year along with asking for a photo to see how they are growing because I do think of them very often as I raised them from birth, but I know they are in a new home and have their own lives and I try not to be super pushy. I am so very interested in their colors and sizes and health, but I do have my own life and business to run and I cannot just stalk people like a creepy person... I would need a gnome costume to stalk people, or a clone... I hate gnomes... and I don't have a clone, yet... My clone can stalk people!

How do you keep us updated about the birth of each litter and when can we pick our kitten?

Our website will be updated to reflect each litter on the day each Queen gives birth, along with daily pictures and or videos of the mother and kittens as they grow on other platforms such as facebook, TicTok and Instagram. Our Kosmikcattery facebook is active and we're available anytime for questions. It is an easy way to get ahold of me the breeder Kosmos Knovas. Our youtube page will have videos that are found by searching Kosmikcattery). However some kittens will be unavailable for choice even if you see them in the video. This is because we're deciding on if we want to keep a kitten for reproduction and show, or for other reasons. Your kitten will be ready to go between at 16-18 weeks, sometimes longer depending on the cat's personality and situation. Only after we decide the kitten no longer an -Option- it will then listed as -Available- for someone to choose, these are the only cats that are going to be released with breeding rights. Our Twitch channel will be available soon as we're finishing up the kittens birthing area so we can live stream their play and it saves me from living on social media platforms!

Are you offering a mentorship to others who are truly passionate about Maine Coons?

We absolutely are offering mentorships to anyone who wants to learn. It's our goal and passion to help continue to spread information and education to anyone and everyone. Please feel free to contact (me) Kosmos for more information or questions. And NO YOU ARE NOT CHARGED FOR KNOWLEDGE! We are an open source and we will continue to build our community with other like-minded open source educators. I strongly hold the belief knowledge should not cost $, if people want their time to cost $ just from a conversation then you know they are more interested in $ over knowledge, but we here wholeheartedly believe that all knowledge should be free and not given to only a select few with $$$$.

Do you provide DNA tests on your cats, if so what kind?

Yes!! Genetics are a HUGE passion of mine, so our cats are tested with https://optimal-selection.com/. More testing will be provided from https://www.laboklin.co.uk/laboklin/index.jsp (coming2022-2023) as our cattery was approved "yay" and as usual I am a nut and like multiple copies from multiple sources to be 100% sure I am being honest and upfront about everything, please understand multiple tests coming from multiple sources becomes very costly and time consuming when done on every King, Queen, and kitten (born) within our cattery. Optimal selection is the fastest return time, everything else takes a few months (HA... like 8 months) to get back. Every kitten/cat undergoes genetic testing to ensure they are fit for breeding and of great health for non breeding. This means our cats are tested for all medical conditions such as HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy HCM MYBPC3 Mutation) SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), PkDef (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency) (PKLR gene). Some of our Queens obviously are carriers of the single broken allele gene PkDef. No kittens with this single allele gene will EVER be released for breeding. Any cat carrying the single allele gene will automatically be spayed/neutered and continue to live a long normal healthy happy life. This will ensure our cattery does NOT condone the release of the broken PkDef gene back into the mating pool, since people cannot control themselves, while keeping the lines clean and healthy, this is to help promote healthy breeding practices within America. This disease is autosomal recessive meaning that two copies of the mutation are needed for disease signs to be shown like a yin and yang concept, one cannot function properly without the other. A carrier cat with one copy of the Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency mutation can be safely bred with a clear cat with no copies of the Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency mutation without causing major genetic issues. (A link is provided below with WAY more information). Any Breeder(s) who get breeding kitten(s) from our cattery will be given a copy of the Sire and Dam genetic paperwork a copy of all blood work (read the next question below for more informed answers) and all current up to date heart and hip CT scans as part of the Breeding Contract Health Guarantee, and all vet records. (Again only Breeders will be given all this excess information, as it is costly for multiple copies at the time of fresh up to date scans, as we do them yearly or per litter). Only kitten(s)/cat(s) remaining within our cattery will have extra tests provided by https://vgl.ucdavis.edu/tests?field_species_target_id=216. This only so I can make sure no one is missing something genetically until our wonderful Geneticists Nadine comes here and we have our own facility up and running.

Sadly many cats even strays come with many of these genetic defects and issues. However, we are able to breed out the genetic issues and provide healthy happier longer living cats through selective breeding, then yay!!! It's our goal to help as many as we can when we can and as often as we can. This includes all forms of education to the best of our current advancements and abilities.

Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) can cure pyruvate kinase deficiency (PkDef). We hope someday to be able to provide such a cure to cats out side and within our Humane Society Shelter/Vet Learning Hospital. You can find more information on the genetics of Maine Coon and common issues following this link https://www.langfordvets.co.uk/media/1715/pyruvate-kinase-deficiency.pdf Or through Optimal selection or the Laboklin link.

What other testing do you provide for your cats, and do you take preventative measures to help support your Health Guarantee?

Our cats are blood tested for everything yearly due to whelp let's be real here, (sometimes sooner)... general life, and sometimes things happen... fleas, ticks, strays, general contact with other animals or humans who were in contact with others and are just unaware of what they are carrying (The Coronavirus is the PERFECT example of this) and many diseases and viruses and parasites can be passed from human to animal and vice versa. Any and all new cats entering our home are quarantined for 30 days and tested for any and all conditions. As well as given another DNA test for our records just due to not being able to trust everyone's words and papers I see over the internet (I cannot believe how many false documents are made it's a pandemic in itself sadly), before being slowly introduced into the rest of the pride. No new King or Queen will be released into the community pride until all documents and tests come back clear! If any of our cats catch any illness, they will NOT be released until they are cleared 100%. If the kitten/cat is unable to be cured of a life threatening disease, they will NOT be released for sale, and no kitten/cat will be released until they are all clear. All breeding kittens are release with a full copy of not only the parents blood work, and a full print out documents of their genetics, but the kittens as well as part of the health guarantee. We try our best to provide as much detail as we possibly can on every kitten/cat that comes through our cattery/home, and leaves our cattery/home to their new forever home. Immunizations are started at 6-8 weeks of age and are repeated every 3-4 weeks until the kitten is 4 months old. Some of these vaccines are considered "Non-Core" by the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners). However because we are a cattery all of the vaccines are considered "CORE" for every kitten and cat within our home, no exceptions.

Feline panleukopenia (FPL) also known as feline infectious enteritis or feline distemper, caused by FPL virus or feline parvovirus (FPLV).

Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR), also known as herpes virus type 1 (FHV-1) caused by FVR virus.

Feline caliciviral disease caused by various strains of feline caliciviruses (FCV).

Rabies caused by rabies virus.

Feline chlamydiosis caused by Chlamydophila felis infection.

Feline leukemia disease complex caused by feline leukemia virus (FeLV).

Bordetellosis caused by the bacterium Bordetella bronchiseptica.

Do your cats come with some sort of warranty or guarantee?

The term warranty drives me insane... mostly because that's a term for cars and cell phones or laptops, or a house... NON living objects. Not people or lives, but if they were I would not only have one for myself but my children. No, we do not provide a warranty... HOWEVER, we do provide a Health Guarantee in regards to how the kitten(s)/cat(s) left our home: Full blood work, microchip, all shots up to 16 weeks, or until the kitten/cat is ready to go, all medical documents and genetic testing for your specific kitten, as well as full body X-rays, and all this information goes home with your kitten. Your kitten goes home with so much genetic and medical information, there will be no prior medical issues known to me (Kosmos) or the buyer (you). If a kitten/cat is found to have any medical or genetic issues, they will not be released for sale until they are recovered. If the kitten/cat remains within the cattery and is not an option for sale, you will be given options I (kosmos) decide from a different litter if all kittens have been reserved or sold from the current litter of choice. All buyers will be given my veterinarians information so if they wish to call about the individual kitten Dr. Amanda had seen and wish to hear from her point of view about their health they are 100%!

However there are life altering situations in which we offer a replacement kitten. This is also outlined in our contract. If a kitten passes away within 7 days of delivery, a verified necropsy done by your State Veterinary Association is required and must be paid for by you the buyer, the necropsy must be sent to our address at W6703 state hwy 144, Random Lake WI 53075 as proof sent directly from the State Veterinary Association, not any other address will be accepted as it is NOT going to be a certified document. If the necropsy report determines cause of death was from a condition prior to delivery date of kitten/cat, then I, kosmos Knovas, will refund the full cost of the necropsy bill, and the buyer will then have 1 week to decide if they want another kitten/cat (provided the buyer didn't accidently cause the death of the cat) or if they want a full refund of the purchase price paid, including deposit. This is the only time the deposit is part of any refund. Under no other circumstances is this an option. I, Kosmos Knovas, will also be given 60 days to refund the money as we do not hold onto funds.

What is the advantage of buying 2 kittens at the same time from you?

The two kittens will be the two that get along the best with each other out of the litter. Sometimes kittens like to choose "favorites" or "buddies" and it will be up to me (Kosmos) to decide on what pair goes home together. Maine Coons are very smart and get lonely very easily, and transitioning to a new home is incredibly difficult for kitten(s/cat(s), there are new scents new sounds new everything and they were taken from there home without any real reason or warning to them, and cats are very emotional creatures, a simple move could kill a kitten. Which is why I will explain how to transition your kitten(s)/cat(s) to your home when they are getting ready to leave. Just as dogs can suffer from loneliness so can cats and they will become destructive and depressed just as any animal would, just as a human would. Our cats love to talk and play, and when they trill and chase each other around the house it's like a little wild storm of chaos is zipping through the house making cute noises and trills. Our cats are crazy vocal and very social and love friends and family. They do NOT like to be left alone for long periods of time. This is why I highly suggest a second cat. Even if it is not from our cattery, a friend is so important to all living things.

What colors do you provide?

We provide smoke, silver, and solid lines lines with a variety of colors. We will soon produce our own line of shaded/Shell color cats. Under our Queens page it will state in their description what they "might possibly" produce. We will be producing all colors in smokes silvers, and solids, this means we will also produce, reds, browns, blues, black, brown, creams, whites. Soon (Shaded & merle)- And my very hard to get Blue chinchilla (as 12) boy has yet to be born... It's really hard to find specific colors... We are personally on the search for specific patterns and colors due to the genetic link between other genes. They all play a part and we want to see to what extent.

Are there recommendations for introducing the kitten to your home?

There are multiple recommendations, and it really depends on if you have animals or if you do not have animals. If you have animals (dogs) - no cats- your maine coon can have run of the house after 7 days in their own safe space away from all other animals. The transition to a new home is really stressful for all new animals and should be treated with the utmost respect. The kitten(s)/cat(s) should be away from other animals for the first week. Get to bond with your kitten(s)/cat(s) preferably in your room, provide plenty of water, food, litter box, toys and a place to scratch and perch, spend time with your kitten and make sure you are not really loud or crazy when you enter the room. After 7 days, I say 7 days because there are many new sounds and smells for your baby to experience, and it should be very controlled by you the new family, remember cats are very emotional creatures. This whole moving situation will be incredibly scary and upsetting (Them loving all over you after they arrive to your home is fear: They are marking you). So keep their first week very controlled. They are curious and that can lead to them escaping if they are following you through the house and due to stress and anxiety they can escape or scratch someone. Yes watch your feet, my cats follow me when I go from room to room, so do be careful when you are moving around and leaving areas of your home. Little ninjas is what they are... Now for the second recommendation, If you have other cats, you need to introduce your cat VERY SLOWLY. I always recommend taking two kittens if you have no other animals so they have a playmate, and transitioning is MUCH easier and safer. If you have other cats, this process must be very slow, Jackson Galaxy (Catdaddy) has made amazing videos on how to introduce your cats, since he has taken the time to make the videos already, his amazing video works perfect for how to introduce your baby to your new home and I suggest watching them all and making plenty of notes. https://youtu.be/tsYT7yIOdqQ

What are the general costs you endure in your breeding program, and is it expensive to become a breeder or raise kittens?

It's very interesting how many people assume breeding animals is a source of income, when it's truly is not (every penny goes back into these cats, whether it be food, toys, repairing something they destroyed ect. Now let me make this clear, there are cheap cats out there and backyard breeders that sell cats for a "cheap price" - If you look for cheap, you will get cheap that's the simplest way I can put it. You can also adopt a beautiful cat from any humane society but they still do not go to the extent I do for testing... (you really think they would with how many questionable animas come their way)- personally I think this really hinders Humanity's research and discoveries. But I cannot tell people what to do or force them to buy a cat they do not want, it's as simple as that!! The actual expenses that arise out of just general life happenstance... and when it does it's not cheap by any means, so any excess income we get from a kittens/cats sale goes to the "oh shit savings account" (the account is literally nicknamed that). I can assure you the "oh shit' problems that happen to pop up are so incredibly stressful, time consuming, and money eating, that it becomes tiring and eventually can and will begin to weigh on you mentally and physically. So when we state we do NOT hold onto funds, it is simply and truly that. And if you become a breeder, make sure your mate can support you mentally and financially when you first get started. Like any business, it can be years before you see any money... Just remember that money goes into your oh shit account Raising a kitten is like raising a kid, they have needs, requirements and desires. It's our job to meet them all if they are in our care, no matter what.

#1. My time, as I state on the front page I do not take vacations or time off... Kittens take my time 100% for the first week of their lives and for the first 3 days I MUST hand feed all the kittens that have any blood type conflicts- due to: Artemis can produce B blood type kittens, it's nothing genetically deadly, it is just a blood type conflict with antibodies when being fed from an A type mother. Then they are given back to mom after day 3, and until they leave they have about 85%+ of my undivided attention. Kittens definitely do not poop rainbows... I was lied to as a child! They are little stinkers and they get into trouble and are messy little things, and like all siblings (if you have sisters and brothers you KNOW how rough we get as kids), so this means they get baths VERY often... this also includes the fact that they can become a bit destructive, just like any child would learning to explore and experience boundaries and limitations and what they can do with these "toys". This is definitely difficult since I am a mother of two beautiful girls, 8-9 years old who are homeschooled and will continue to be until this virus is no longer an issue... Get your lives together people come on... I am also an at home caretaker for the father of my children who is a very good friend of mine who sadly was recently diagnosed with malignant cancer, and heart death with 2 stents put into his heart on the 2nd of June of 2021, yay heart stents!!! OH, and I'm the house maid, I am also married... So my time is always busy and taken up by chores or just general something needs to be done, someone needs help, and my husband works full time as an Engineer in Oshkosh. Haha, now lets be real here, I don't get paid for my time, I like to "pretend" I do but in reality any excess funds go straight to medical, food, litter, and toys for our kittens, (King(s) or Queen(s).

#2. The spay and neuter bills. Your deposit straight away covers your kittens individual bill for their spay or neuter alone. $500

#3. Feeding our cats food... I keep all receipts to help me see how much I spend on cats and their food when the kittens were born (also for tax purposes, as we're a legitimate business so we track EVERYTHING). $400 a month minimum while the kittens were here and that was for a single litter of 3 (plus my 2 Queen(s) and King at the time) I now have 5 Queens 2 Kings and baby mouths to feed that grow and slowly eat more and more as they get fatter and bigger; They ate whole prey and pre ground mixtures from Rawdeliverymn.com (good products) and growing cats eat a lot... So think when our Queens produce multiple litters or MUCH LARGER litters, such as the crazy 9+ kittens litters... or the dreaded 12, that cost will be doubled if not tripled for a single month of food alone... the messy eaters... and I like my kittens plump, they will NEVER be delivered underweight! Yes this cost will 100% change and decrease when we are able to provide our own food supply which means the overall price will drop to compensate and it will be pushed over into our "shop" where you can purchase our raw food we prepare.

#4. My favorite. The unknown random GODLY flippen who knows how it happened vet visit that I now have to pay for... (Emergency situations) as they do happen!! Just as humans get sick or have problems or accidents, SO DO ANIMALS. And as a cattery it is our responsibility to care for those animals in the times of accidents, no matter what the situation was or is. This means that when something medically happens, it's usually out of pocket or credit. I myself am sometimes sent a sick cat and have to cover that out of pocket expense myself due to people altering and falsifying documents, I am not quite sure how I am supposed to go after someone in another country magically with my limitations on income and the fact that I am having to resolve the issue as quickly as possible... To send a lawyer to Russia would cost me thousands and thousands of dollars.. probably cost me my house currently HAHA... So all issues and problems that pop up are simply covered by me with whatever means I have at the time (woo debt)... Thankfully I am surrounded by a great group of doctors and vets and genetics specialist breeders who are just full of information and I am soaking all of it up like a flippen sponge! So, if you want to be a breeder, just understand, debt will be a huge part of your life for quite some time (I do mean a few years +) unless your mate can provide some blanket support. One of my biggest concerns is pyometra (Link provided) https://www.amcny.org/blog/2019/03/05/pyometra-a-life-threatening-infection as this will in some cases render a Queen unable to have kittens depending on the severity of the infection possibly result in death. Surgery is most likely required, even spayed females still have a chance to get this infection. Humans can get this infection, dogs can get this infection, so do many other living animals. More breeders are finding younger females (at 4 months) are having issues with pyometra in Maine Coons. However I do my best to keep things as sanitary and clean as possible.

#5. Blood work for one test ($120), Different blood work tests range from ($100-$250) depending on the test "blood testing is better explained Understanding Blood Work), X-rays full body (Head to tail) ($600), Echo of the Heart($500) -NT-PRO test is $175 per. All vaccines ($300). Now at this time we're only using Optimal selection for our kittens just due to the turn over time. Hopefully this can change in the future once the plague stops being such an issue. The individual DNA test per kitten is $100-$150 (Breeding kitten(s)/cat(s) the extra $50 is if you wanna talk to a vet to discuss the tests, if that's something you as a buyer wants you must let me know before- Microchip ($50) TICA Registration.

#6. Shipping is separated depending on the location, date and time. All shipping is included within the USA and Canada. Shipping can range from ($300-$1000 depending on the above factors). Your kitten may also need a courier and that service will cost extra (That's included in the full purchase price of course)

#7. The litter. We use multiple forms of litter as I stated above and mainly pretty litter just to help me be able to keep track of my cats and the kittens health as they are ever growing and for my breeding Queens. Litter alone a month is $500 (Doubled for kitten arrival) for the Queens and Kings I have within my home currently, we do not only use pretty litter though. We do use those wood pellets, however the longevity of that stuff is hardly 2 weeks, so we change it out much more when we don't use prettylitter or sustainably yours.

#8. Your cats carrier, toys and blanket they come with. All of this is part of the cost, every cat has a specific toy and place they prefer to hang out, so we put blankets in those areas to help spread the community scent not just for them but for the rest of the pride. So when they leave it's not such a sad experience for the pride. (Our cats play with the kittens when they are big enough, so we don't want the transition of leaving to be really traumatic) The carrier we provide your cats is one of the most comfortable for the breed. Since they are so large they need much more space. The carrier itself is $50, the toys the kittens go home with are $100, and the blanket they go home with is a baby blanket from just any ol walmart for like $15-$20.

#9. So with all that being said, kittens are cared for until they are 16-18+ weeks, that's 4 months of these costs repeating slowly increasing due to them "growing" up until they are gone. (Obviously the medical not repeating) Food, litter and toys are the heaviest hitters for the babies outside of their medical, since I'm only having to cover medical costs 1 time (Crossing fingers not to jinx anything). So having to pay for food, litter and all the other "NEEDS" for months the cost overall adds up for how much it takes to care for these beautiful animals properly.

What are your cats lines?

At this moment in time my lines are Russian and I'm now slowly introducing German lines (Regulas) and soon to be Chinese blood lines into mine (Monica Gigi's lines). Together will make the mini lions, we want to recreate the feline look, and force it back to it's natural look (The lion) without genetic issues or deformalaties or weird breeding that was done just for "looks"... Honesty I'm so tired of that breeding for looks thing its just not even funny., its a genuine pandemic... We're not breeding for "US" and what "WE" (want), we're breeding for "Them" and to help "their" lives better. We are over the moon excited to show off research and studies. We hope we're able to pave the way to help not only feline but ALL LIFE on this planet.

How long do Maine Coons live and how big do they get?

Maine Coons should live 30-40+ years as long as you are taking proper care of your cats (Diet is one of the biggest game changers when it comes to life span, genetics play a HUGE role in life span as well. "Give them a proper MEAT based diet if you want them to live past 10-20 years." The full growth span of a Maine Coon is 5 years. Year 1-2 is considered kitten stage. You should not limit their food intake for these 2 years. Year 3 limit intake - Year 4 dont limit, and some do start to get their lions fluff (yes some kittens get lion fluff earlier) and pop out of that kitten stage into... weird teen/adult stage?? By year 5 they should hit a nice round limit in weight and size and all Maine Coons will have the lions mane by this age.. Queens base weight should start at 10lbs and range up to 15. Any lighter it's a question of genetics and lines and those smaller should not be breading due to major risk factors to the Queens health. Kings can start anywhere from 15 being on the smaller end (even runts males can produce big kittens) and stop near the 30lbs weight. But with the bigger weight you must be very active with health and testing due to genetic deformities or health issues.

Do your cats get along with dogs?

Yes, all of our kittens and cats are around dogs. They are around our two Australian shepherds and a pomeranian who just love the kittens and cats. More often than not, the dogs lose their beds to the kittens. This is incredibly funny to watch such tiny balls of fuzz take over the whole length of this XL dog bed. Your dog will learn to live with your cat as well... ha, your Maine Coon will totally rule your home!

Are you currently offering any job positions?

Not at this time, BUT we will be hiring soon and with the offers of job positions we also will have homes available. Soon we will be looking for couriers, groomers, extra vet staff and eventually we will need extra hands for product creation with woodwork and sewing, as well as working with the other breeders and myself (kosmos) to create a world wide feline association. We will also be requiring farm hands in the future as well. Please note we are still currently discussing where exactly we want to do such a grand business adventure, so these positions are only available to those who are willing to relocate to us, or those who are already in the area.

What are Kosmikcattery's biggest goals?

Oh boy... We have some big ones, as we want to open our own web page shop and store building where people can see and buy our products in person or online with ease. We want to create our own universal Feline Association and host our own shows, and make rules that bring people together not seperate them like literally ALL OTHER ASSOCIATIONS I wish this petty high school popularity drama between the associations was a joke... Oh I was so incredibly wrong and how rude and nasty they can be when you only are asking about registration or if you mention the other, I wont post my conversations with some reps from Fife or TICA or WCF or CFA or others, it's not worth my time and effort... I will say though, telling someone they can't register with you because they are registered with someone else and then in the same sentence telling them they can register is not a good way to get clients... We want to someday open an adoption sanctuary for stray and surrendered cats, dogs and farm animals. Attached to this building there will be a 24/7 vet learning hospital, where our trained and certified vet staff cares for said animals and provide genetic testing and any other medical testing to check the health and create a pedigree for the surrendered cat and dogs if there is not one (THIS INCLUDED MUTS) and pedigrees for other animals if possible with DNA and genetic testing. This will also provide a perfect foundation for learning!!!! We will provide an OPEN SOURCE learning Vet Hospital. This will be a non profit organization, this will help us be able to save so many lives, spread information, and teach people, everyone should be taught how to do just proper minor check ups on a cat(s)/dog(s)/horse(s)/cow(s)...their own health. This will not be on the main home property, however we're hoping it will be very close by so the commute isn't a chore for the 24/7 vet staff who will be on call. We do hope to create our own courier federation as an attachment to our business, every courier will undergo extensive background checks before they are allowed to be considered. Passports and flying all over the world will be a requirement. Help on how to obtain these and dates and so on will only be available in the future- Our couriers will be used for ALL animal transport, not just for our cats, we will share our trusted couriers because it's silly to keep them to ourselves when others need a safe reliable courier transport.

What type of products will you be providing in the future?

We will be providing our own made for Maine Coons scratching posts, exercise wheels, as well as dog and cat houses and crates as well as our own carriers for travel. These will all be crafted with whole wood or other strong materials that can handle large cats and dogs. We will also provide our own hand made beds and clothings for animals. We will also provide our own line or Raw food. Our Raw food will only be seasonal and limited by availability. It will be perfectly balanced to fit your cat and dogs specific needs we will also make our own collars and leashes and much much more. All of our products will be tested before they are available for purchase. Anything that does not pass our tests will be scrapped.

Will you be making videos and how to's for your cats?

Yes, we fully intend to make videos on all subjects regarding our cats. We will make videos of me trimming my cats nails, baths, feeding and how I prep my food when I make it myself and they are not just feeding off whole prey only. We will also be offering genetic information and how to understand your genetics and colors. We fully intend to make our site a fully educational webpage as well as a safe place to learn and understand more about animals and life. All of our videos in the meantime will not only be posted on our web page under the (Kittens) tab, but our youtube and twitch page as well. Our youtube link provided is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfD-4qVN1-8tGslIwVw10sA twitch link coming once we're able to stream full time.

What is the benefit of spaying or neutering your kitten/cat, and should we wait?

This question is definitely a popular one. As a breeder I can 100% back the claim that neutering or spaying your animal early is whole heartedly beneficial to their health in the long run OVERALL, and it undoubtedly helps with overpopulation, hormone changes and imbalances during growth. I will list a few links after I waffle on about my reasoning behind this from personal experience and way too much research and questioning way too many vets. I have had a few different males and females come through our cattery at varying ages (even random mut "stray" cats). This also definitely includes our own kittens and the point of view of understanding their personalities and being able to see the change in them BEFORE and AFTER. There are so many things we don't understand yet about ourselves and animals. And our hormones are definitely one of them... You should try and remember when you were going through puberty, how weird you were and how you sounded and how it made your body feel. Usually being a horny-toad of a human around everyone just because puberty... And then HAIR or BOOBS... or whatever. It's a crazy situation mentally and physically, cats are very physical and emotional creatures just as humans are. So consider that your cat is it's own person and has its own feelings and emotions, going through puberty would suck for a tiny creature having to be put in a completely different home with all new smells and surroundings not quite understanding WHY they were given away in the first place... So with saying that, It is important to castrate your kitten at a young age. So they do NOT have to go through all those other stressful feelings and emotions and painful growth while trying to get use to new smells and new people and new homes without again knowing why. This will also stop aggressive males from becoming aggressive as well as helping some females. I'm not saying ALL males are aggressive, I am saying they can become aggressive with pent up energy sexually or just in general. We castrate early at the RIGHT AGE (12-14 weeks "kittens must be a minimum of 5lbs) to ensure they grow up a bit more well rounded out.

Knowledge is ever changing and ever advancing as we grow and change and advance with it.





What happens if we are no longer able to care for our cat?

If for any reason you are no longer able to care for the Maine coon from our cattery, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kosmos. We wish the very best for our fluffy ones and we would definitely LOVE to have you reach back out to us first VS giving our grandbaby cat to a shelter/pound "this is also covered in our contract". I understand family will be your first contact, but we ARE HERE, It does not matter if it has been 5, 10, 15+ years, we are here. Our love does not ever expire. Just because you took your baby home with you does not mean we no longer are curious to how they live their life. Please understand, just because we want to keep in touch, does not make us responsible in any way for veterinary bills! We will treat you as if we're a shelter when it comes to adopting one of our babies. You will adhere to our contract just as you would theirs. The biggest difference between us and a shelter is, we want to try and provide help and security because we DO care, even if we cannot financially, emotionally and physically we will ALWAYS try our best to do what EVER we can to help you and our grandfurbaby in any situation. Please understand, we do not have countless resources or excess funds (Yet, yay future goals). Most of our help will be just whatever we can provide at the time, but you bet your boots you have our support, our attention in times of great need. In the future when our Open source learning center is open we will be able to provide everyone who has our lines with knowledge and emergency assistance in times of need.

How do you not get scammed?

Whelp, there's no perfect solution, and there are multiple forms of "scams" You can be scammed with medical issues (sent a sick cat with false documents) or sent no cat at all... And scammers are getting better and better at copying other breeders and stealing photos or literally stealing WHOLE WEB PAGES.... and information "Which is why all my photos and videos are watermarked"... it is really tedious buying a pet these days it seems... If you want to forgo getting scammed, ask a million questions about the kitten, make sure there are plenty of pictures of the cats together, playing and eating and growing together. Make sure they are well fed, you can tell the difference between a skinny Maine Coon and a well fed Maine Coon. Make sure you get daily if not weekly updates on videos or photos or just general health and wellbeing of the cats growth. Ask about the breeders credentials, you can also look up catteries on the Association page they claim to be registered with. Their cattery information and breeder name should be easy enough to find if they are honest open good breeders. Join facebook groups with a lot of other breeders and ask them information as well. There are a lot of helpful groups and breeders out there who just want the best for their cats. That is why we keep all of our information all over our website. We have nothing to hide and we want the very best for our cats. There are other amazing communities out there that feel the same way. You're more than welcome to follow me on facebook and join the groups I am in. https://www.facebook.com/Kosmikcattery

Have you ever been scammed or harmed?

Oh yes, I have been scammed a few times and in different ways when I was starting my business and a bit later on (more recently) as well... "fun times" (sarcasm). I was sent a sickly kitten from a breeder who somehow slipped through the cracks and into a good breeders circle, she has since been removed and banned from many groups as she was a danger to many catteries and families (As of August this situation blew up and a huge circle of people trading cats and manipulating paperwork was brought into the light, while associations scramble to remove these people from their association and breeders try and hunt down their lost kittens/cats). We tried to save the cat this breeder sent me, that poor beautiful torti girl was not even here 4 full days. Day 1 was a half day, that was pick up from the airport day and she did not get to our home until about 6pm that night, and we go into day 2 which is a quarantine in my bedroom away from the other cats locked behind our double doors. (In the middle of all this I'm also learning the father of my children has cancer (malignant) and had a heart attack recently... and apparently 30% of his heart is dead... He has since had a cancer spot removed however since the cancer is malignant they can only do so much. I am a bit distracted by his quality of life and how it is at a dangerous level. Day 3 we noticed she was not able to keep down any food even though she tried her best, she ate well and wanted food very badly, but got sick after eating and couldn't hold food down. Her documents were also a lie, she was so thin they were able to pass her off as 4 months old when she was over a year.... She was very thin and I made this very clear to the breeder that sent me this poor creature very unhealthy and I was reasonably upset. And by the way the you can totally save a cat with Panleukopenia, provided their health is good at the time, and we were ready to jump on that train of $ debt to help try and get her back to what could be an amazing life for her... But I didn't get to save her... She died while I was petting her and talking to my vet Dr.Amanda about our options on day 5, she was just to anorexic and weak... but I damn well tried my best and I was more then willing to cough that money up for a cat I just met. We were able to locate every courier and animal in contact (buyer/breeder) and notified the airlines of possible infection, thankfully all the cats and couriers who were in contact were all clear. Just last year there was a young bombay male who wandered onto our property (Many thanks to Lakeshore 24 hour Vet hospital for providing donations and helping me save his life "He had feline leukemia and could not stay, so we fixed him and had him adopted out to a lovely family). I will always fight for the kitten/cats life no matter what... Humans have so much power over them and I want to change that for the better. Some people are monsters, and I have no interest in becoming one or following their patterns. I will not hide any medical information pertaining to our cattery ever. If any of our cats are ever exposed to any conditions or issues, all kittens and cats will remain within the cattery until the all clear! This is NOT negotiable under any circumstances ever. I have kindly provided a link to the situation in which I was scammed! Which still to this day I do NOT understand how she got through customs. We will be our own broker very soon and handle all customs ourselves in the near future. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1678002668913397/?multi_permalinks=3964908450222796&notif_id=1624389689674361&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif

Where did you get your cats from?

I get my cats from very... VERY... select breeders from Russia, Germany, and China and my circle is VERY small. There will be another page added to our website 2022-2023 to flaunt more about the breeders I received my cats from, as I want to give them credit for helping me get started in my weird mad scientist genetics breeding program, and once I have the foundation set as I want I will thank them in my own way!

How do you raise your kittens?

When our kittens are born I test all blood types for conflicts any that have even a SLIGHT conflict I feed them myself for the first 3 days, this is due to a genotype (blood type) confliction "Blood type A does not like Blood type B and so on". On day 3 mama can feed her babies herself, I will bring her food and water and she will usually be happy just snuggling with her kittens for the first week, then she gets tired of being stuck in the large birthing house for days and not stretching. At around week 1.5/2 weeks "days for the more experienced mama", mama goes out and explores more and stretches finally leaving her kittens to me to babysit, and tries to goat the kittens into moving around a little. The kittens remain within my bedroom until they need more space at about 1 month. Then the kittens are given the freedom of my bedroom and then eventually the living room (We have multiple layers of doors separating my room from my office from our living room. We will block off bedrooms or spaces with kitty gates! They are the worst to step over first thing in the morning... But they are very helpful... Until they hit about 8 weeks then they get smart and are able to jump the gates most of the time, or get wise and use something else to help them escape. At that time we usually just let the kittens have the roam of the house, only blocking off our kitchen and front door area. Are kittens are exposed to dogs, children, loud trucks due to us being on a main state highway route and tractors (farm machines) due to us being in the middle of nowhere country land.

Can you walk your Maine Coon on a harness and leash?

Yes you can, however we will sort of recommend against it depending on your life, just due to so many possible bad situations or issues that could happen, but if you are able to without concern then; It is entirely up to the cat when it comes to training. Make sure you get a harness that fits snug. Do not trap your cat outside, watch your cats body language. Make sure there are no other crazy dogs or animals off the leash when you are walking your cat or training them. I will provide an an instructional video on how to introduce and train your Maine Coons to walk on harnesses in the very near future. But until then Jackson Galaxy (Cat Daddy) Is absolutely amazing and you should 100% check him out.

Are you going to show your cats?

YES, our first show will be in MN in January 29th 2022; Photos and videos will be provided after- All results will be posted no matter what as it's educational information across the board.