The Importance Of A Proper Diet

Raw food supplier that I use is local to Sheboygan WI

We do not feed our cats or dogs dry food nor do we condone the feeding of dry food to ANY animal.

Below are some OUTSTANDING links full of information and knowledge to back my seething hatred for dry food... I hate dry food so much... I hate the lies and the half-truths bent to manipulate and misleading information manipulated to match their needs and requirements to sell the products... So I have had to provide links otherwise, I'll just rant, and no one needs that nonsense. 😅


What’s really in Pet food.

For those of you who need special feeding there are RAW groups for IBD cats. Please use the following link.

You will be notified about specific food allergies that affect their health. Signs of allergic reactions Sneezing, coughing, and wheezing, Itchy, running eyes, Ear infections, Vomiting or diarrhea, Snoring, Swollen, sensitive paws, Excessive licking (grooming), Red or dry skin (dandruff), Scratching, removing their own fur.


(Nutritional values of Organs)

(Nutritional Values of Raw)

(Coconut oil in Cats *Important*)

---------------------------------------------------------------- (Feeding fish)----------------------------------------------------------------

Please read the following links pertaining to feeding fish to your cats and please share these links to your friends or family if they feed fish, especially if it is the main food source. ( Tuna toxicity)

---------------------------------------------------------------- (Cats Dental)----------------------------------------------------------------

Dry food does not clean your cat’s teeth... and most of the time they just swallow it whole anyway without actually chewing it in the first place. Even if they do chew some pieces of the starch(sugar) ball that is used to make up dry food, since they cannot brush their teeth or floss properly, problems like gingivitis become a HUGE health risk to their life because the starch(sugar) ball slime sticks to their teeth. Dental disease is the #1 most common health problem seen by veterinarians and by the age of 3, virtually all dogs and cats have some degree of dental disease. So to help keep our cats teeth clean we start at an early age by brushing their teeth with a pet toothpaste and a tiny finger brush. At 3-4 weeks they get raw! Raw meaty bones, chunks of meat and gizzards also help to clean their teeth. Even if you do use raw meaty bones to clean teeth, an annual appointment at your vet should be done just for their general well being, a good cleaning should also be provided to get under the gum line. Even raw meaty bones cannot get in the gum line, however it will help with tartar. If you are feeding a ground raw meat diet, it does help that the enzymes in the meat will not stick to the teeth like dry food will. Remember a yearly vet visit and cleaning is very important. Just as getting your yearly dental work done!

Here are a few links to read about cat dental health.

-------------------------------------------------------- (Cats Veterinary Knowledge)--------------------------------------------------------------

Some of the links provided will be in different languages as I try my best to learn as much as I possibly can from every angle I can to better understand why and how the conclusion came to be what it is.

This link could not be anymore amazing and helpful! This is a Russian group run by intelligent minds trying to teach and share information. A translator is 100% worth it in reading this information they have gathered to share with others.

(Above is the facebook link for the group itself)

Below are just a plethora of links that have crazy amounts of information and knowledge that definitely pertain to the life of you and your cat.

This is a Microbiology, Virology, Microbial Contaminants and Bioremediation (IDEH) group! This group is flippen awesome!

This is a Bacteriology and Lovers & Learners group. The information they provide is outstanding and they love teaching!

This group is all about Virology and Phage research! This is always going to be relevant information to our existence.

This group is all about Microbiology and Immunology

This is a Vet approved comment group only. There are a lot of members so please make sure you read the rules of all the groups you choose to join carefully. (For your own sanity)

This group wants to teach you genetics and colors (Not just tell you what colors are or guess) This group is absolutely one of my favorites for information and knowledge and also helps me understand what I as a breeder am looking for.