Artemis - Barin (WCF name)

"Our first King" ns 09 (Black smoke with white) 12-20-2019

Orange/Yellow eyes Current weight 21lbs TICA/WCF registered CFA:Coming soon

Blood Type: A Genotype: A/b PkDef n/n HCM n/n SMA n/n

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Description: My big ol King Artie-fartie! I tease him a lot because he's my baby, so obviously he gets a weird nickname. He is quite a heavy and snuggly male, emphasis on the HEAVY part. The most painful feature about him is when he steps on your chest with his big ol heavy paws because he wants love, or to be let out and fed his whole prey first thing in the morning... He is quite aware of his weight and strength and during bath time he is an okay boy... I mean it could go SOOO much worse because he's so big, but he is just a little fussy however he does quite well. He makes absolutely fabulous babies.

Traits: Solid color (2) copies, Dilution (1) copy, gloving (1) copy


Updated information coming 2022