Regulas - Barbossa

Arriving December

"You must wait for your surprises"

"Our second King" Info coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

Color: Vivid ocean blue Date of birth:

Eye color: Current Weight: Current registration:

Blood Type: Genotype: PkDef n/n HCM n/n SMA n/n

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Artemis - Barin (WCF name)

"Our first King" ns 09 (Black smoke with white) 12-20-2019

Orange/Yellow eyes Current weight 18lbs TICA/WCF registered

Blood Type: A Genotype: A/b PkDef n/n HCM n/n SMA n/n

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Description: My big ol King Artie-fartie! He produces wide headed babies which is something we were looking for. This is used for part of our foundation for our lines and what we're aiming to breed. He will produce solids and smokes of black, silver, possibly browns, I say possibly even though between his coat and Storms it's hard to tell whose producing the brown hue within the coats.

Traits: Solid color (2) copies, Dilution (1) copy, gloving (1) copy