Regulas - Barbossa (ICW e.V. name)

"German King"

Eye Color: Vivid ocean blue Date of birth: 03-05-2021

Coat color: Black/White Current Weight: 16.8lbs Current registration: ICW e.V.

Blood Type: "Coming soon" Genotype: PkDef n/n HCM n/n SMA n/n

Top Cats link: "Coming soon"

Pawpeds link: "THIS IS AN AUTO-REPLY-- Thanks for your inquiry or submission to the Pawpeds database for Maine Coons in the United States and Canada!

I am currently entering pedigrees from August 1, 2021.

-Cari "

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Description: Very sweet and very vocal. At 9 months he's already reaching 16.6lbs. Between him and our other Queens we should have some great large bodies within our lines.

DNA Information:


He will be a producer of our shaded lines, we're waiting on the right color and bone structure (Ever increasingly picky). Information will be available upon his possible birth 2022-2023

Artemis ---------------

Produced 3 litter's within the KosmikcatteryLLC pride

Artemis is now living with a close friend of mine Heather. She breeds Maine Coons as well and she is located in Indiana. He is now part of her pride and will be producing kittens soon "woot". A link is provided just below leading to her website. He will be featured under her King's page soon.