Mentorships are always open to anyone who is wanting to learn and educate themselves.

No we do NOT charge money for education and knowledge. We feel that it is not right to charge someone for something that should be contributing to the growth of their life.

-More information coming soon- Provide videos with each + minor explanation-

*Medical information explained- What risks come with Maine Coons as pets.

*Dates/ages explained and why we vaccine.

*Spay and neuter ages and reasons.

*Diet & grooming, why they are close in relation to overall health.

*Understanding the individual personalities. How to read body language.

*Breeding ages and restrictions - Reasons for not breeding! Why their lives are above money. We do not breed just to breed. Our addition to the Gene pools should be closely monitored.

*Litters and why we use what for when.

*Business VS hobby VS source of income - Income explained- Overall costs explained.

*Why we do not Declaw or alter medically for features.

*Our lines + explaining why it takes time to claim a line as "your line"; importance of puzzle pieces for a bigger picture. Why we chose to aim for this feature.