Affiliated Breeders

Nadine is based in the UK currently- Her family will be soon be relocated to the USA to further our partnership in business and help build a better community for today and tomorrow!

My king Regulus is of her lines. She is an absolutely hands down a fantastic human and a wonderful husbandry breeder. I highly recommend purchasing felines from her.

This wonderful amazing breeder is a student of mine and will provide amazing felines for our future research and homes.

Corie is based in Michigan- She is apart of our associated breeders program. She is an absolutely wonderful breeder- If you are looking for kittens and I have none available I hope you make it to her wait list fast enough, haha they go quickly!

This wonderful woman is Heather, and she is the owner of HDCoonz Cattery.

She has a bonded pair of felines that were my first pair ever. They produce lovely smokes! Head on over, I'm not sure what she has available and when. Her list fills quickly.