Our current location.

Our location will be updated when we relocate, this is our current address and is verified by Google

Purchasing & shipping information

The deposit for all kittens is $500 (This is non-refundable) This will be included in the total cost of the kitten!

I will list your name and state under your kitten unless you tell me otherwise (If I am told otherwise, the kitten will simply be "kosmikcattery"- reserved.

To see the price of each kitten check the "QUEENS" page. You must read and sign our contract before your deposit is accepted.

We accept: Paypal, Bank to Bank, Cash, Venmo, Western Union

As the buyer it is YOUR responsibility to covering any FEES from where ever you send payment from! Please read carefully before sending deposits or full payments from wherever you send payment from, If I am charged for your deposit or payment you will have 24 hours to resolve this issue or your funds will be returned.

If you wish to do direct bank transfer that is also an option, you must email me directly.

Cash is accepted upon delivery of kitten provided you have placed a deposit on the kitten and it has been discussed and agreed upon between me and you as the buyer. Cash is also accepted if you pick up the cat yourself from our home, again a deposit must be placed!

If you are picking up your kitten yourself, the below does NOT apply to you!

Transportation / Shipping - We will happily drive our cats anywhere in the country. We will ship out of the country only with our courier we trust! We love and care for our kittens/cats very much! Listed below are our prices for driving per distance- "Round trip" This cost includes: Food, vehicle upkeep maintenance cost, our time etc.

Miles: 200 round trip: $100 Miles: 500 round trip $300 Miles: 1000 round trip: $500 Miles+ Available in the future

Any shipping within 100 miles of our house is free: You can also come pick up your kitten if you like however this is by appointment only.


This is the ONLY separate charge and is NOT included in the full price of the kitten as flight costs vary by location, date and time, as we do fly internationally and I will NOT in good conscious charge others increased prices for shipping when it varies so drastically.

If you are shipping your kitten(s)/cat(s) you will be provided with a copy of the email from whatever airlines or service we are using and trust so you are very aware of dates, times and conversations.

If you are going to fly your cat it will be VIA cabin and courier. Flying is unsafe for our family at this time! This is subject to change in the future provided there is no more risk of death in my family due to the plague - Some airlines allow the cats to be "carry-ons" others provide you purchase a seat for the animal. Below are links to each airline describing what they offer. Depending on what you choose we can discuss if you want to come get your cat, of if you wish for a courier service. At this time we use https://ampettravel.com/contact/ services to transport our pets.

Buyer will note that a carrier is included in the price of the kitten if you are flying the kitten/cat cargo.

All kittens MUST have vet work 10 days before travel: this will be handled by the me the breeder Kosmos and my vet Dr.Amanda at Heart and Soul vet clinic in West Bend Wisconsin.

American Airlines: Flying animals only in the cabin with a courier: https://www.aa.com/i18n/travel-info/special-assistance/pets.jsp

United AIrlines: Flying animals only in the cabin with a courier: https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/animals/in-cabin.html

Delta Airlines :Not flying animals at this time: https://www.delta.com/us/en/pet-travel/shipping-your-pet

If your cat/kitten cannot be delivered or picked up by you or me (Kosmos)

If the kitten cannot be delivered on time due to the corona virus or other supply chain failures, and you can not come get your kitten, or you choose to forgo us delivering the kitten, an additional cost of $10 per week will be charged to assist the breeder with cost of food, and supplies over this period of time we have to wait for the very specific delivery option you chose to become available once again.