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Permission was given from the from every individual to help prove I'm an incredibly caring and loving breeder, please feel free to contact any of them in regards to my family (cats)

Megan: Adopted from our first litter. Purchased our girl who we thought was a boy at first... Ha! She took her baby girl home on March 17th.

Facebook page link is (Photo was provided to show her in her new home)

Telia: Adopted from our first litter. This cutie was delivered using American Airlines cargo on April 1st at 10:45am!!!

Her facebook page link is (Photo was provided to show him in his new home)

General advice for buying a Maine Coon:

Avoid breeders that offer kittens at a very cheap price, example: kittens under $1500. Under these prices are either scams or something is not quite right with the lines: "health issues are a serious concern at that point, and you would need multiple tests done just to ensure you won't have huge medical bills to deal with in the near future (you don't want a sick kitten) and it adds up really fast. (In my FAQ page I listed the general cost of our cattery) as well as past experiences from being sent sick kittens and scammed.

Avoid breeders that don't do their testing VIA Blood and DNA and X-ray scans & heart echos. More sources and more information the better. (We provide go home packets that have a copy of YOUR kitten(s)/cat(s) genetic and blood DNA workups) You never know how this information will provide useful to you in the future if something happens.

Avoid a breeder who will not disclose their Vet, or their location without giving you the runaround. Ours is Dr.Amanda at the Heart and Soul Vet clinic in West Bend WI (We are located also in Wisconsin).

Avoid breeders that sell kittens at 8 weeks as this is too young for a kitten to be taken from its mother. We do NOT release our kittens until 16 weeks (Sometimes longer). This gives us time to make sure they are growing well, healthy and it gives us a chance to see who we may want to keep for future litters.

Ask advice from a cat/breed club and/or other breeders on the veracity of the pedigree and breeder and from multiple sources (Pawpeds is an OPEN source for pedigrees as pedigrees are PUBLIC information). Look for previous buyers or hunt them down on facebook. Our link is found at the bottom of the page for quick access. And we have a testimonies page with ACTUAL people who gave ACTUAL testimonies... Not the weird ones you see "Jamie loves the cat she purchased... and it's like a paragraph long" without any links to that person or photos of proof... We provide PROOF!

Avoid a breeder that does not disclose ALL and ANY information pertaining to their King(s) and Queen(s) overall health as part of their kittens health guarantee for breeding. (We will NOT hide any information pertaining to our cats and we try our absolute BEST to give as much information we can on our cats).

Avoid breeders who have more than 3 litters at a time and providing multiple breeding rights from the litters. It should be about controlled breeding practices and the health and safety of the breed and overpopulation control. We will not allow breeding rights from every litter. If we have multiple litters, there may be only one Queens litter that has a single kitten available as a breeding kitten. All others are automatically spayed/neutered before they go home.

Avoid breeders who do not take multiple pictures and videos, or refuses to take new ones for you PERSONALLY. We will upload pictures/videos almost daily on our Youtube channel starting at time of birth. The link to our youtube can be also found below. And as long as I, Kosmos, am not crazy busy I will happily send an immediate video or photo of your kitten(s)/cat(s) that will not be watermarked and are SPECIFICALLY for you individually.