Past buyers & testimonials

Permission was given from the from individuals below to help provide legitimate proof of my business and my cats, please feel free to contact any of them in regards to my family (cats)

Nebula + Artemis 2021

Storm + Artemis 2021

Jen: Adopted our only boy from Storm of 2021. This little monster Zeus is happy with his new home and is a great support magnet for the family. I do truly wish your family well Zeus! Do good at looking after them. "He's one of those sleep on your face kittens"

Her facebook link is

(Photo was provided to show him in his new environment)

Storm + Artemis 2020

Megan: Adopted from our first litter. Purchased our girl Neeko who we thought was a boy at first... Ha! She took her baby girl home on March 17th. She has grown into a beautiful fluffy woman and she will get to spend personal time with her brother Zeus. They don't live too far from each other, how wonderful!

Facebook page link is (Photo was provided to show her in her new home)

Telia: Adopted from our first litter Zeek. This cutie was delivered using American Airlines cargo on April 1st at 10:45am!!! He's since become a fabulous man who likes to sleep in sinks!

Her facebook page link is (Photo was provided to show him in his new home)