What are the blood types felines can have?

1. ABO Blood Group System: Similar to the ABO system in humans, cats have three primary blood types in the ABO system: Type A, Type B, and Type AB.

2. Mik Antigen System: The Mik antigen system is a newer discovery and involves another set of blood types in cats: Mik-positive (Mik+) and Mik-negative (Mik-). This system has implications for transfusions and breeding, but its significance is not as widely understood as the ABO system.

Blood Type Inheritance: Blood type inheritance in cats is determined by genetic factors. The ABO blood type is inherited through a relatively simple Mendelian pattern, where Type A is dominant over Type B. This means that a cat with one Type A allele and one Type B allele (AaBb) will have Type A blood since Type A is dominant. Cats with two Type B alleles (BbBb) will have Type B blood.

Blood Transfusions: When a cat requires a blood transfusion, it's crucial to match the donor's blood type with the recipient's blood type to prevent adverse reactions. As mentioned earlier, Type A blood is generally safe for transfusions to most cats, except those with Type B blood. Type B and AB cats should receive blood from donors with the same blood type to avoid complications.

Compatibility and Conflict: Incompatible blood transfusions can lead to a severe immune response known as a transfusion reaction. This reaction occurs when the recipient's immune system recognizes the donor's blood as foreign and launches an attack, causing potentially life-threatening complications such as hemolysis (destruction of red blood cells) and kidney damage.

To sum up, feline blood types, primarily determined by the ABO blood group system, play a crucial role in blood transfusions and breeding practices in cats. Understanding these blood types is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of cats receiving blood transfusions and for responsible breeding practices.

If your feline can become a blood donor, please reach out to your vet for more information. I have provided a link that applies to Wisconsin blood donor for felines. This program is amazing, and if you could save a life that would also be amazing. 

1. ABO Blood Group System:

2. Mik Antigen System:

3. Breeding Considerations:

Understanding feline blood types, both in the ABO and Mik antigen systems, is crucial for veterinarians, breeders, and cat owners. Proper knowledge and management of blood type compatibility can save lives during transfusions, protect kittens from NI, and improve the overall health and well-being of cats.


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