Regulus/Barbosa (Wisconsin location)

"German King"

Eye Color: Vivid Ocean Blue Date of birth: 03-05-2021

Coat color: Black/White Current Weight: 23.8lbs Current registration: ICW e.V. + TICA

Blood Type: A Genotype: A/b PkDef n/n HCM n/n SMA n/n

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Description: Very sweet and very vocal, he has a personality that is quite hard to find. He sleeps with me under my blankets with his head on my pillow and his paws around my neckđź’•.

DNA Information:

Mikhalych (Texas Location)


Eye Color: Green Date of birth: 05-22-2020

Coat color: White

Blood Type: A Genotype: A/A PkDef n/n HCM n/n SMA n/n


Description: Snowball is very sweet and kind. Extremely welcoming to other new cats. He enjoys playing more than anything and takes a lot of naps.

DNA Information: