Shadow + Aurora

Will produce Smokes & Silver colors of blue/Black/Silver with & without blue eyes

Shadow + Sureya

Will produce Smokes & Shaded colors of blue/Black/Shaded "high Smoke" with & without blue eyes

Shadow + Nebula = Due: 7/20-25/2024

Will produce Smokes & solids of blue/Black & white with & without blue eyes

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Business #, texting okay: +1-(262)-339-8775

Welcome, my name is Kosmos. I'm the owner and operator of the Kosmik Cattery husbandry program. Every purchase made from our personally owned company contributes to the Wisconsin local Humane Societies, the Veterinarian businesses located in Wisconsin and the local farms of Wisconsin.

 We support & contribute to TNR programs, Free education & Blood Donors to help save lives. 


Kittens Available 

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Available Adults

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Reserved & Sold are shown below

This was our 2023 litter

Male black silver smoke tabby


Solid black male tabby w/ lock of white and light ghosting

Female High Orange Smoke w/Merle markings

Special thanks to Vas Media <3


Red Chinchilla male with feint merle markings. 

Back Silver & Cream tortie female


Our location is verified by Google Maps. We are an LLC registered business within the state of Wisconsin. However, this is also my home and I have children, large dogs and young kittens with young (weak) immune systems. We only allow visitation VIA appointments for pickup and deposits by cash if you are local. All cats are relocated to closed rooms when guests come over to pick up kittens, this is to help stop the spread of diseases and viral infection coming into my home.

-Our home is monitored by video surveillance for our safety and yours-

This website is in the process of being updated daily, please be patient as there is only 1 individual handling this large task which is myself, Kosmos".

Thank you for your patience and understanding!