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Deposit price: $500 ( non refundable ) Deposit is included in the full purchase price $5000.

In an effort to maintain quality breeding standards, we may choose to keep kittens from any litter as future Kings & Queens, only after a kitten is released from "Options" will they be "Available" for you to choose when it is your turn in line to pick. This is NOT up for debate or discussion. Kitten pricing is located on the Queens page- Read the description and shipping is seperate. You will be contacted once you are allowed to pick from the remaining litter as per your turn on the deposit list.

If the kitten you are wanting color or sex isn't born you will be moved to first pick of the same queens next litter unless there is another litter coming up that will provide what you are looking for. We cannot guarantee color/sex/quantity of kittens.

Information provided with your kitten(s)/cat(s): All vaccinations up till they are ready to leave (16-18 weeks), microchip, pedigree from TICA, Spay and Neuter before they leave, Embrace insurance, DNA testing, Blood tests; X-ray scans, Heart Echos "ultrasound of entire chest and abdomen" of every individual kitten as well that will be part of the information they go home with. All our Kings, Queens and kittens are covered under Embrace insurance. All kittens go home with a 30 day insurance coverage, after that it's up to the owner to continue the insurance and the payments.

Photos and videos will be provided once the kittens are born on all platforms:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Kosmikcattery/

Instagram @kosmikcattery TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8FKEdjW/

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfD-4qVN1-8tGslIwVw10sA.

Twitter https://twitter.com/KosmikCattery Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/kosmikcattery

-- Options: This means this kitten will possibly remain within the cattery, and will not be available to anyone for purchase.

-- Available: This means there are no deposits placed on this kitten, and we are choosing not to keep them as part of our breeding program.

-- Reserved: This means the kitten has had a deposit placed on the kitten and is no longer available for purchase!

-- Sold: This means the kitten was paid in full and will not be available for purchase.

We specialise in Smoke, Shaded, Solid and Silver lines.

This is a first come first serve basis. You do NOT have to place a deposit, it's only required if you want a specific pick in line or are wanting something very specific in color or sex before someone else has the chance to decide! If you would like to be on the future waiting list please contact me (Kosmos). Once the litter is born you will be notified. At that time or anytime before you have the chance to place a deposit or not. But FULL payment is due 14 days BEFORE delivery, unless you are picking the kitten up from our home at the agreed upon appointment date.

In the event you are unable to take your kitten due to life changing situations, you will be given the option to have first pick on any future litter I Kosmos decide. If in the event you are unable to take your kitten when it is your turn, the contract is still valid. You will be given choice of a future kitten when you are able to. The contract is void ONLY IF you withdraw from the purchase fully, (deposit again is still not refundable). All contracts will be honored until they are completed and kitten is delivered or until purchaser decides to withdraw from the purchase.

Nebula + Artemis 2021 litter (Kittens due December (TBA)

X-rays coming November 2021

Our waiting list



Nebula + Artemis 2021 litter (Kittens due TBA)

Tony (NY) has first pick of this litter (M/F)

Marnie (IL) second & third pick of this litter (M-F)

Carol (MN) has fourth pick of darkest kitten from this litter (F)

Sabrina (WI) has fifth pick of this litter (M/F)



Plans for January 2022

Artemis + Cassiopeia

Artemis + Antares


Jen from WI gets the only kitten from Artemis + Storms litter 2021!