Purchasing for Pet:

Shipping is a separate cost per state & country and is NOT included in the full purchase price of $3000.

You are more then welcome to pick up your baby yourself VIA appointment and save yourself some shipping costs.

Deposit price: $750 (non refundable) Deposit is included in the full purchase price $3,000. Solid, Silver, Shaded, High Smoke, Merle, & Gold lines, these are pets only. Please scroll down to see (EVERYTHING) that is included with my kittens. I truly desire them to be happy and ready for their future adventures.

If you would like to do some research for shipping, I have provided a few links below: 






Purchasing for Breeding:

All breeding kitten(s) are $5,500 - $10,000 per individual (King or Queen) to be, this price goes up depending on the "show line quality as at this point you are fighting me for keeps". We do not allow all felines as breeders and have possibly 1 out of multiple litters that meet our minimum requirements. Our price tag has no weight on color or sex. All of the information below is included with the individual kitten to make SURE you are getting a healthy viable candidate for your breeding program, this includes the extras as this is IMPORTANT information for breeders

An "up to date" copy of Mother & Father current X-ray & Ultrasound, PCR, CBC, diet & allergies records, copies of the parents pedigrees, as proof of health & otherwise are provided to insure you understand the lineage and have proof of parents "CURRENT" information medically (Hips/Heart). Shipping is included in this price to select countries (USA, Canada, "Some EU countries") Our babies are NEVER flown cargo, we use personal nanny couriers ONLY that deliver to your door. If you wish to pick up your feline a price adjustment will be made and -$2500 will be removed from the price. 

The contract that comes with this baby includes a requirement to show in events near you!

Our minimum breeding requirements are as follows:

What We Provide For Our Kittens

Price ranges vary per veterinarian office, a copy of all receipts are included.

Below are extras that can be included upon request.

Disclaimer: Every veterinarian office has different prices, we go by what WE are charged at OUR locations we use for our services, hence why all of these tests are included in the BREEDER'S full purchase price, we have done our research and paid for these procedures before. All receipts are always included as part of the go home packet. 

"We do hope that in the future the price drops as than we will also be paying less and the prices of our felines would come down in cost, positive vibes."