Purchasing & Shipping

My fuzzy felines are ready to leave for their forever homes with everything included, that way there will be no issues with transition or being without necessary items your baby needs. 😎 Shipping is a separate cost per state/country!!!!

Deposit price: $750 (non refundable) Deposit is included in the full purchase price $3750 Solid, Silver, Shaded, High Smoke lines, these are pets, they come with basic medical such as spay/neuter, Vaccines, microchip, 5- Generation pedigree, Carrier, Food, Toys.

Deposit price: $750 (non refundable) Deposit is included in the full purchase price $4750 Solid, Silver, Shaded, High Smoke lines, these are pets. These Maine Coons are not "show" quality. EVERYTHING below is included in our price.

Deposit price: $750 (non refundable) Deposit is included in the full purchase price $5750 Solid, Silver, Shaded, High Smoke & Merle lines, these are "show" quality felines, EVERYTHING below is included in our price. Delivery to your door if you are in Wisconsin.

  1. All vaccinations up till they are ready to leave (16-18 weeks).

  2. Full grooming kit includes: Nail clippers, Brush, Degreaser, Shampoo, Conditioner, Protective Grooming Mat, 100% Silicone Lifetime Grooming Brush, and Super-absorbent Drying Towel, tooth brush & animal safe tooth paste.

  3. Microchip + how to register in your name.

  4. DNA testing kit from Optimal Selection. A copy of Mothers & Fathers medical information will be included.

  5. Pedigree 5 Generation registered with TICA or CFA.

  6. Spay/Neuter once the kitten reaches 5lbs.

  7. Blood tests full panel "CBC" & Fecal PCR

  8. X-ray scan of entire body (Head to tail).

  9. NT-proBNP Test ------ ultrasound of chest and heart.

  10. Embrace insurance 30 day coverage after that it's up to the new family to continue the insurance and the payments.

  11. Kittens go home with blanket carrying the community pride scent to help with transitioning to their new forever homes. Kittens also come with their favorite toy(s) "new & old", a somewhat thick packet of information pertaining to their cat specifically with QR-Code links to important YouTube videos to help with transition, to make it quick and easy for you and your feline companion.

  12. Those who are located within Wisconsin will be sent home with a week(ish) worth of RAW turkey food & some treats such as rabbit ears etc.

  13. Kittens are litter trained and well socialized around other cats, children and dogs.

  14. A carrier is included in the full purchase price. The kitten will be use to this carrier to go home and will see it as a safe place. Carriers ARE airline approved and hold 30lbs.

  15. If the Kitten is born pure white with no color, the kitten will have B.A.E.R. testing for deafness.

  16. If you are located in Wisconsin, shipping "delivery" is included within the purchase price.

  17. A polaroid photo taken weekly starting at birth and ending with the last week they are here, so you always have a piece of a moment of their life growing up outside of their YouTube videos and posts on other Social Media platforms.

  18. Business card from Dowsky's RawDawg "locally sourced food", our KosmikCatteryLLC business card. Our KosmikCattery pamphlets, and more from Embrace Insurance, NuVET immune & vitamin boosters, and SmartTag (Microchip information). A personalized diet monitoring graph to show allergies (if any) to food for your "individual" kitten(s). Our pamphlet has QR-Codes to helpful links and YouTube videos.

  19. A copy of all receipts, and a copy of medical information and dates. - Due to kittens going at the same time, the original will be broken up and put together in another sheet where that individual kittens medical information can be clearly dated and seen. The original will be kept with the KosmikCatteryLLC files for tax and file purposes. All of the individual kittens veterinarian information will be documented along with their business card.

  20. Lifetime support from me the breeder, and our network of associated breeders to help answer questions, comments, concerns.

  21. Once our Veterinary, No-Kill-Shelter, Store front, Educational programs & buildings, Association, Courier service, Grooming & Training, genetics & research facilities are established we will provide support & medical care to those babies or previous Kings/Queens born from our lines. We will in the future be providing jobs to those in the local area to help give back to the community and help provide a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle with programs to further education.

All breeding kitten(s) are $10,000+ per individual (King or Queen) to be. All of the information above is included with the individual kitten. An "up to date" copy of Mother & Father current X-ray & Ultrasound, PCR, CBC, diet & allergies records, copies of the parents pedigrees, as proof of health & otherwise are provided to insure you understand the lineage.

All medical procedures are done by the staff of the Heart & Soul veterinarian clinic in West Bend WI.

https://www.westbendvet.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/westbendvet

You're more then welcome to pick up your baby: Appointment only

We will deliver to you: Flying & Driving

If you wish us to deliver your cat, they will be delivered by me (Kosmos) the breeder or our associate "RED". We will fly our felines anywhere and drive them anywhere as well. We will NEVER USE "CARGO". This is because, sending our kittens cargo is incredibly frightening to that individual baby, as we are unable to explain the situation and why they are going and where too and explaining they are going ALONE, as well as being unable to provide support and make sure there is no contamination spread or people "petting" the kitten and touching them without permission. All customs and broker fees are covered within the start cost.

Shipping is included within the full price if you are located within the Wisconsin state, we will deliver your baby!

Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana the additional price will be $800 for delivery to your door.

+$1000 is the additional price for delivery outside of Wisconsin state and the above mentioned states, yet still within the USA (anywhere).

+$1500 is the additional price for delivery to Canada

+$2500 is the additional starter price for delivery to the EU, and other countries.

I will list your name and state under your kitten unless you tell me otherwise (If I am told otherwise, the kitten will simply be "KosmikCatteryLLC"- reserved.

If the kitten you are wanting (color or sex) isn't born, you will be moved to first pick of the same queens next litter unless there is another litter coming up that will provide what you are looking for. We cannot guarantee color/sex/quantity of kittens.

Our location verified by Google Maps. Please respect that we are an LLC registered business within the state of Wisconsin. However, this is also my home and I have children, dogs and young kittens with young (weak) immune systems, pregnant Queens who will protect their home. We only allow visitation VIA appointments for pickup and deposits by cash if you are local. + All cats are relocated to closed rooms when guests come over to pick up kittens.

Paypal: Please send as BUSINESS ONLY, please make sure you add the %2.9 US (and/or) %4.4 International fees or you will be asked to send more funds to cover the first fees PayPal takes.

Bank to Bank: We are partnered with Chase. We accept all major cards credit and debit.

Cash: This is only accepted if you have placed a deposit and it's been discussed between me (Kosmos) and you (the buyer) and written in the contract.

Venmo: Please check you are covering any processing fees.

Cash App: Please check you are covering any processing fees.

Western Union: Please check you are covering any processing fees.

Zelle/Chase: Please check you are covering any processing fees.

We accept Checks & Cashiers Checks only upon pickup: Those checks will then be processed before the kitten leaves the property. Since we're partnered with Chase Bank your check should clear within a few minutes if you have the funds.

As the buyer it is YOUR responsibility to covering any FEES from where ever you send payment from! Please read carefully before sending deposits or full payments from wherever you send payment from, If I am charged for your deposit or payment you will have 24 hours to resolve this issue or your funds will be returned, thank you for your understanding.


If your cat/kitten cannot be delivered or picked up by you or me (Kosmos)

If the kitten cannot be delivered on time due to the corona virus or other supply chain failures, and you can not come get your kitten, or you choose to forgo us delivering the kitten by other means, an additional cost of $100 per week will be charged to assist the breeder with cost of food, and supplies and emergencies over this period of time we have to wait for the very specific delivery option you chose to become available once again.